LRA Constructors, Inc. is a full service general contracting, design-build and construction management provider with the desire to meet our client’s needs in an expeditious and competitive manner and with no sacrifice in quality and safety. LRA is a family-oriented company who believes in a team approach and understands that we must work closely with our clients, design partners, subcontractors and vendors to ensure successful projects. Dedicated to constantly improving our construction practices, we are known for our strong preconstruction, design-build and self-perform capabilities.

LRA is licensed in Georgia, Florida and Alabama and performs work for a diverse range of clients in the automotive, religious, healthcare, industrial, government, education, office, multi-unit, retail and specialty markets.

General Contracting

LRA is a traditional general contractor, working directly for the owner while overseeing subcontractors and self-performing much of our own work. Our general contracting services are broad but remain firmly rooted in our ability, and commitment, to self-perform significant portions of the work. We have developed a highly skilled field workforce who is accustomed to self-performing structural and carpentry components on most of our projects. This culture creates project managers, superintendents and foreman who are knowledgeable and experienced in efficient, quality and safe construction, resulting in better projects for clients. With these general contracting services, our safety program is a vital part of our operations with company-wide safety meetings at the start of each week and continuing education opportunities for our workforce. Some of our general contracting services include:

– Estimating
– Value Engineering
– Budget Management
– Permits and Inspections
– Project Management
– Supervision
– Self-Perform
– Quality Control
– Infection Control
– Safety Management
– Submittals and Shop Drawings Management
– Punchlist Completion
– Project Close-Out & Warranty


As a design-build contractor, we serve as the client’s single point of contact during the preconstruction and construction phases, overseeing the design and construction teams. This delivery allows us to leverage our construction experience and relationships with design partners across all markets creating maximum value for the client. Our in-house design coordination team directs all phases of the design-build process and ensures collaboration between the client and design and construction teams, leading to more efficient and cost-effective solutions and a reduced design to occupancy schedule.

Construction Management

Our construction management services are built off our general contracting and design-build experience. As construction manager, we use our knowledge, experience and resources to assist the client in managing the planning, design and construction phases, serving as an agent or at-risk contractor guaranteeing performance. We approach these projects with the same mentality and attitude we have as a general contractor, resulting in more efficient projects constructed in less time and with greater quality.


To assist with quality and schedule, we have maintained strong self-performing capabilities in the following areas of work:

– Layout and field engineering.
– Earthwork, including excavation, backfill, compaction and fine grading.
– Concrete work.
– Structural steel erection.
– Pre-Engineered metal building erection.
– Rough and finish carpentry work.
– Insulation installation.
– Preformed metal roofing and siding installation.
– Doors, frames and hardware installation.
– Drywall and acoustical ceiling work.
– Specialties installation.

All of these areas would not typically be self-performed on every project, but we look at each individual project with our team and determine which areas best suit the project and owner.


The first goal of Preconstruction Services is to make the project successful. To achieve this goal, we will use a collaborative approach to preconstruction both within our organization and with the overall project team (owner, end-user, architect, engineer, etc.). We are frequently asked to provide estimating/develop budgets well ahead of any drawings or completed programming, and this experience will help us during this preconstruction process. In order to ensure that estimates are as complete as possible from day one, we need to do the following:

– Collaborate between the owner, end-user, design team and LRA Constructors so that all involved can better understand the goals of the project.
– Develop/update overall project schedule tracking design, estimating, permitting, other regulatory requirements, construction, FF&E and occupancy. Use this schedule to better determine general condition costs as we move closer to construction start.
– Breakout details of project estimates through the schematic design, design development and construction phases so the project team can better understand the budget and use the information to make good decisions.
– Engage major trade contractors.
– Consider value engineering options.
– Initiate conversations with public building officials (local, state and federal as needed) to ensure they are “on board” as early as possible.
– Establish processes for communication/reporting in order to update status of design, schedule, cost, decisions, facility readiness and FF&E.
– Integrate overall construction logistics plan and schedule into project plan to ensure that the documents are developed in a supportive manner.
– Provide insight into the construction logistics and identify issues relating to site operations, building construction and construction phasing, and develop solutions for these issues.
– Develop master plan for construction through occupancy to determine the best ways for the end-user to achieve occupancy following construction.


At LRA Constructors, we are continually searching for new technologies that can improve our construction processes. As part of our effort to better serve our project team members, we have started using Building Information Modeling (BIM) on certain projects. Some of the other technologies we utilize are as follows:

– On-Screen Takeoff
– Microsoft Project
– AutoCAD Architecture
– Autodesk Revit Architecture
– iSqFt
– Procore